Season 5 of “Too Hot To Handle” is back, offering a fresh group of singles the chance to embark on a transformative journey at Lana’s retreat. As the stars of this popular Netflix series, the cast members were in for a monumental surprise when they discovered they would be participating in the show. The first four episodes aired on Netflix on July 14.

As the season unfolds, viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as the singles confront their fears, navigate vulnerabilities, and embark on a quest for personal growth. Through a series of transformative experiences, they will discover the power of building authentic connections that extend beyond physical intimacy.

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Spoilers Ahead!

Elys and Hunter LoNigro became the first couple to form before the singles discovered they were part of the show. The two shared an instant and mutual attraction that led them to couple up almost immediately.

Their connection, however, proved to be a catalyst for several rule breaks within the house, causing the prize money to decrease significantly during the early days of the retreat. Despite their physical chemistry, Elys began to realize that she and Hunter were not compatible intellectually, which created a dilemma for her.

As Elys couldn’t shake her thoughts about another contestant named Alex, she made the difficult decision to explore her connection with him instead. Ultimately, she ended her relationship with Hunter, hoping that her potential connection with Alex would be a better fit.

In Episode 2, Elys found herself kissing Hunter twice, driven by their physical chemistry. However, she soon recognized that the depth of connection she desired was missing. Meanwhile, Alex understood Elys’ predicament and chose to accept the situation, eventually pursuing a connection with Megan.

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Lana, the device serving as the show’s guiding force, observed Elys’ dilemma and intervened by arranging a date for her and Hunter in Episode 3. Lana made it clear that if the date didn’t go well, she would step in to assist. Unfortunately, the date turned out to be boring and awkward, prompting Lana to offer Elys the option of switching her date to Alex.

Will Elys choose Alex over Hunter in the end? Watch the upcoming episodes of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix to find out.