Mattel, the world’s largest toy company, has been the creator of the iconic Barbie doll for over 60 years. Here’s a look at its history and ownership.

Barbie is one of the most iconic dolls in the world, and its popularity has grown over the years, with fans of all ages around the globe. The Barbie doll-making company, Mattel, has been around since 1945, and it has created many other popular toys besides Barbie. With Greta Gerwig’s upcoming movie Barbie starring Margot Robbie, the spotlight is once again on the history and facts about the world’s most popular doll-making company. In this article, we will take a closer look at who owns Barbie and the history of Mattel.

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Mattel’s History

Mattel was founded in 1945 by Harold “Matt” Matson and Elliot Handler in California. The company initially made picture frames but quickly shifted its focus to toys. In the 1950s, Mattel became a major player in the toy industry with the introduction of the Barbie doll in 1959. Since then, Mattel has created many other popular toys, including Hot Wheels, American Girl, and Fisher-Price.

Ownership of Barbie

The Barbie doll has been an essential part of Mattel’s portfolio for over 60 years. Mattel owns the trademark for the Barbie name, as well as the design and patents for the doll’s unique features, such as the jointed limbs and the swivel waist. However, the Barbie doll was created by Ruth Handler, the wife of Elliot Handler, who co-founded Mattel. Handler named the doll after her daughter Barbara.

In addition to Barbie, Mattel also owns several other popular brands, including Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, and Thomas & Friends. The company has a market capitalization of over $8 billion and is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

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Mattel is one of the world’s largest toy companies, and Barbie is its most iconic product. The Barbie doll has been a cultural icon for over 60 years, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. With Greta Gerwig’s upcoming movie Barbie starring Margot Robbie, it will be interesting to see her interpretation of the character.