Warner Bros. on Friday, December 16, 2022, dropped the first teaser of Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie. The teaser caught the viewer’s attention as it paid homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

This Barbie film will come out as an unexpected edition as the film does not follow the usual pattern of a toy Mattel doll. Instead, the teaser showed Margot Robbie as the new human Barbie in the pink world of dolls.

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The film’s cast also includes Ryan Gosling along with Issa Rae and Simu Liu. Barbie fans are excited to witness the new version of Barbie in theatres next year.

Some fans took to Twitter to express their reactions to Gerwig’s upcoming film.

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A user tweeted “the way Greta is literally raising us like lady bird is our coming of age, little women is a warm hug and now Barbie is gonna heal everyone’s inner child”.

While the much-awaited film of the year Avatar is released in theatres, some Avatar fans are going to the theatres for Barbie. One of the Barbie fans tweeted “me going to see Avatar but really just to see the Barbie teaser”

Another tweet indirectly chose Barbie over Avatar. It says “One ticket to the BARBIE trailer please” “…do you mean Avatar: The Way of—” “I SAID WHAT I SAID”

On the other hand, @DiscussingFilm wrote “they’re about to change cinema forever.”

Since the teaser of the film turned the screens all pink, some users had a take on it.

One of them tweeted, “I really hope Barbie ushers in more bright palettes because the onslaught of drab colouring/set design in the last 10 years has been depressing.”

Although the film is not even released in theatres, some Barbie fans are already manifesting it to win awards. @hiimbobbi tweeted, “Join me in prayer and manifestation that this film wins every award. Even if it is not nominated, it will will. No weapon formed against Barbie shall prosper. Amen.”

The film’s teaser has made Barbie fans go crazy and they are eagerly waiting for every update on the film until its release on July 21, 2023.