Rap artist Afroman is being sued by seven police officers who say his music videos inappropriately used clips of them raiding his home. In a lawsuit dated March 13, seven law enforcement officers including four deputies, two sergeants, and one detective from Adams County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio accused the rapper of profiting off their “humiliation” and “mental distress.”

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Police officers who filed the law suit are Shawn D Cooley, Justin Cooley, Michael D Estep, Shawn D Grooms, Brian Newland, Lisa Phillips, and Randolph L Walters, Jr.

According to the lawsuit, officers demanded up to $100,000 of the proceeds from his songs, music videos, concert tickets, and merchandise sales, which they say were promoted using footage of the police officials without their consent.

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Police officers searched Afroman’s residence last August, pursuant to a lawfully issued search warrant. The search was carried out for an investigation into possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, as well as kidnapping, as per the warrant.

Afroman’s real name is Joseph Foreman. He was not present when the police reached his home. His wife recorded the raid, and the rapper also received footage from his family’s security cameras. He was not charged with any crime after the raid.

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Foreman then used the footage in music videos on YouTube for at least two of his songs. Lemon Pound Cake features the rapper singing about how the investigators sought to find drugs in his home, but instead discovered lemon pound cake on the kitchen counter.

In Will You Help Me Repair My Door, Afroman uses footage of the police officials looking through his possessions.

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According to the lawsuit, officers received death threats because of the music videos and several social media posts Afroman made with the footage. Officers also said they “suffered embarrassment, ridicule, emotional distress, humiliation, and loss of reputation.”

The lawsuit also demands that Afroman stop using footage of the officers on social media and in his music videos.

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In an Instagram post on Thursday, the rapper said he plans to counter-sue. “I am a law-abiding taxpaying citizen who was violated by criminals camouflaged by law enforcement!” he wrote in the post.

“My video footage is my property,” the rapper said.

Foreman said that money was stolen and his security cameras were disconnected during the raid.