Canadian streamer xQc, whose real name is Felix Lengyel, recently confirmed he ‘cheated’ on ex-girlfriend Fran in a recent live stream.

The former Overwatch pro confirmed that he cheated on Fran during their short-lived relationship, during the Twitch streamer’s recent livestream. “He (xQc) cheated on me,” she said. “I’m gonna keep it short and simple, Felix and I broke up because he cheated on me.”

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She then called up xQc whose real name is Felix Lengyel on live stream when a lot of his fans started alleging that she was lying about the cheating allegations. She asked him on livestream if he could confirm or deny he had cheated on her.

“I will confirm” the 27-year-old said after a brief pause. xQc further stated that they needed to do a lengthy segment about the whole breakup and cheating.

“I think a lengthy segment needs to be done about this down the line for a bunch of reasons. And as lengthy as it can be and as publicly as it can get and as many apologies as you can put in, it doesn’t really change the action itself,” he stated.

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The recent revelation left many fans shocked. “xQc cheated on Fran” asked a number of fans. Some of the people also began defending Fran.

“If Fran was the one that cheated xQc’s fans would’ve ended up swatting her but xQc cheats and all of his fans are just like ‘i dont care thats his personal life,'” one fans said, while another noted, “xQc was dating one of the most attractive women on the planet, streamed 20 hours a day and STILL found time to cheat? Nah man, there’s no hope for any of us.”

A third wrote, “xQc cheated on Fran. I am beyond devastated i just can’t. My hands are shakinga.”