A generation has grown up worshiping sensational boy-band One Direction, and Zayn Malik was arguably the most popular of the 5 young Brits when the band was at its peak. It was Zayn who broke a million hearts when his decision to move on from 1D led to the band’s eventual demise. 

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Which is why Zayn’s recent post on Instagram and Twitter has sent 1D fans into a familiar state of mass meltdown. It was an 8-second video clip of him crooning to 1D’s popular single- ‘You and I’- and that’s all it took to generate a massive tsunami of nostalgia from 1D fans all across the globe! The short clip shows Zayn standing in his room with his vast array of awards and accolades in the background, stylishly holding what appears to be a vintage microphone and completely acing the high notes from the 2013 hit.

Fans expressed their collective disbelief and good fortune at Zayn going back to his One Direction roots after such an eternity! 

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Meanwhile, other fans were quick to bring in Liam Payne into the conversation- Liam who is still very much on trial in the court of public opinion after his recent controversial statements about Zayn Malik, and One Direction in general on a podcast with Paul Logan. Liam had washed some seriously dirty laundry about the band in public while talking to Paul Logan, in a way shattering any fantasies that fangirls and fanboys might have had of ever seeing their beloved one direction reunite again someday in the future. 

But thanks to this little 8-second clip shared by Zayn, an entire generation is daring to dream again! 

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