The most popular beverage consumed worldwide is coffee. Coffee comes in a variety of forms, including roasted, hot, and cold. It plays a crucial role in the lives of many people. Coffee is served in numerous cultures throughout the world using various ingredients and methods. Here are 5 odd coffee varieties that you must taste, from delectable Dalgona coffee to egg coffee.

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1. Butter coffee

People who follow the ketogenic diet were the target audience for Butter Coffee. No carbs are allowed on this diet. Butter and MST oil from coconuts are added to this coffee to make it richer and more nourishing. As it keeps you alert and satisfied for the first half of the day, it is thought to have a number of positive effects.

2. Mushroom coffee

There are a number of health advantages to this type of coffee in addition to its earthy flavour. The ingredients are cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, and chaga. Then they are crushed up, dried, and put in the coffee. Compared to normal coffee, this is a significantly healthier option.

3. Espresso & Tonic

This summer, try an energising alcohol-free beverage called an expresso and tonic. It is quite simple to create; all you need to do is fill a glass with lots of ice, your preferred tonic water, and either a double espresso or some cold brew coffee.

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4. Rose Petal Beetroot Latte

Compared to hot black coffee, this peculiar coffee is very different. Beetroot powder, edible rose petals, and vanilla syrup are used to make it. The result is a coffee with a rich colour and flavour.

5. Egg coffee

Vietnamese egg coffee, sometimes referred to as Cà Phê Trung, is much more than just a drink. It almost qualifies as a dessert. When milk was in short supply in Vietnam, this unique coffee was created. Condensed milk and eggs are used to make this coffee.