In light of the ongoing controversy surrounding the beer brand, a recent ad video posted on Bud Light’s verified Twitter account has drawn significant ridicule on social media platforms.

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The new commercial features a woman eating huge chunks of watermelon while dishes and napkins are tossed across the screen by an intense storm. The woman is unconcerned by the chaos around her while other attendees dive for shelter and try to escape the wind. Bud Light captioned the video on Twitter, “It’s fine, this is fine.”

The image and message seem to mirror the well-known meme of a dog calmly drinking coffee as his house is consumed by flames. Twitter users noted that the advertisement captured the sentiment that Bud Light employees must be experiencing days after the company’s product fell outside of the top 10 beers in America.

Watch the ad here:

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Bud Light has been the target of constant criticism since the beginning of April because of a collaboration it had with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. In fact, Modelo Especial has allegedly overtaken Bud Light as the top-selling beer brand in the country for the past two months in a row. As a result, internet commenters have argued that the campaign is a suitable allegory for the beer brand’s ongoing decline.

Social media went into a frenzy when the ad was released and a lot of people mocked them, with one Twitter user commenting, “Bud Light needs to stop trying to rekindle its image. Lay low for a few months and then resurface – it can’t hurt as these new ads do not help,” while another one said, “This company desperately need a new CEO.”

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A third social media user tweeted, “Dang they had some funny ads! Really very sad for the people who work there who got absolutely fist#d by their own company,” and another Twitterati posted, “It was their decision to go in that direction, along w/ their follow up ad mocking their customers. The ad executive’s statements revealed that the company had a low opinion of their core costumer base and were okay w/ replacing them. Their employees should start leaving too.”