Calling the new farm laws a “stab in the farmer’s heart”, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that it has to be opposed for the future of the country. He was interacting with a group of farmers from across the country.

“There is no difference between GST, note ban and these three laws. The only difference is that this is directly stabbing your heart with a knife,” he said during the virtual meeting. Gandhi claimed the laws will foster an East India company-like culture and this time, a “West India company” has come in.

“The farmer is not just a farmer, the voice of farmers is in the youth, in the Army, the police and the voice of farmers has a lot of strength. It is with the help of this voice that India attained independence and once again India will become independent through the farmers’ voice,” he added.

Along with many other opposition parties, Congress has claimed that the laws will harm the interest of farmers and benefit the corporates, a claim denied by the government. Earlier, Congress President Sonia Gandhi had asked states ruled by her party to pass legislation to override the Centre’s farm laws.

Farmer groups across the country are staging protests demanding a law to guarantee Minimum Support Price to the farmers, waiving of all taxes imposed under the Agricultural Produce Market Committee on farmers and waiving off farmers’ loans worth Rs 7 lakh crore.

The Centre has asserted the law will be beneficial for farmers and increase their income.