UFO scientist Jaime Maussan presented fossilized specimens of non-human corpses, believed to be 1000 years old at Mexico’s parliament. The appearance of the corpses in glass cases was trolled on social media as people commented on how the “aliens” looked like something straight out of the “Men In Black” movies.

“These specimens are not part of the evolution of our world. They were not recovered from a UFO scrap. They were found fossilized in a diatom moss mine,” Maussan said, testifying under oath at the special session of the Mexican Congress when the bodies of two alleged “alien” beings were exhibited before politicians.

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Here are some of the reactions to the displays:

The corpses were displayed in glass cases and were said to have been retrieved from Cusco in Peru. The presentation on aliens and UFOs was much more sensational than the one that took place in the US as no “corpses” as such were presented then.

The fossils were found to be covered with a layer of sand. Maussen said the samples were analyzed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the scientists were able to determine their ages by getting DNA samples using which applied radiocarbon testing was carried out.

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“We are not alone in the vast universe, we need to accept this reality,” said Maussan, arguing that the public has the right to learn about non-human beings.

Maussan was accompanied at the session by US pilot Ryan Graves and Avi Loeb, professor of astrophysics at Harvard University. Graves was one of the individuals who had presented evidence at a hearing in the US Congress in July. Maussan’s claims are yet to be verified. He has been associated with alleged discoveries that have since been debunked.