Amazon Quiz: Which of these is a new franchise based league, in this sport?

Prime Volleyball League

Prime Spikers League

Pro Spikers League

Pro Volley Championship

Answer: Prime Volleyball League

Prime Volleyball League (PVL), is a franchise-based league on the lines of the very successful Pro Kabaddi League. The stakeholders for the PVL include the promoters Baseline Ventures and the seven teams involved.

The seven teams involved are Ahmedabad Defenders, Bengaluru Torpedoes, Calicut Heroes, Chennai Blitz, Hyderabad Black Hawks, Kochi Blue Spikers, and the Kolkata Thunderbolts. The teams include 14-player strong squad, with two slots earmarked for foreign players.

The PVL was held at the Gachibowli indoor stadium in Hyderabad starting from February 5 to February 27.

Olympic (and World Cup) gold medal winning middle blocker David Lee of the USA lined up for the Calicut Heroes, alongside two of India’s best – Jerome Vinith (capable of playing in attack and defence), and Ajithlal Chandran (hitter).

Kolkata Thunderbolts beat Ahmedabad Defenders 15-13, 15-10, 15-12 in the PVL 2022 final

The Kolkata team, which is the only team in the league from eastern India, was led by Ashwal Rai.

“I do not take pressure. But planning and implementing is part of the role of the captain. I am working on the same and learning more about how to lead the team in the best way possible,” Rai said, ahead of the finals.

“As a captain, you do get the pressure of producing results. But if you keep these things out of your mind, you will play better. Under pressure, you cannot produce a good game. So, I keep advising and guiding my team, and tell them if they make any mistakes. They also keep telling me if I need to change something on the field. This is how we work together,” he added.

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