There is an ever-growing concern about the environment and if you want to truly host a party or event that is environment friendly, you have to start at the beginning. Some of the planning decisions that may seem small can make the biggest impact. There’s a lot of noise among millennials and consumers, who are choosing environmentally friendly options in their day-to-day lives and are committed to fulfilling them.

So, keeping all this in mind while planning an event may prove quite challenging. Maintaining a user-friendly experience along with meeting a certain sustainability target is a tough task – but not unachievable.

Since reducing carbon footprint is and should be the focal point of a sustainable event, here are few ideas that may help you out in hosting the perfect environment-friendly party or event.

Opt for a green event venue

Since it is the ask of the hour to select venues with solid sustainability credentials, always ask the concerned official if the venue that is being booked has a certification for sustainable events like ISO 20121 or not. If not the certification, then the venue should have investments in green initiatives. This will help the organisers measure the impact of their event and minimise wastage.

Factors that you should consider while selecting a green venue are – centrally located for easy access via public transport, ample lodging and interactive spaces and technologically advanced arrangements among other things.

Provide transport

Transport is one of the major areas that can impact the sustainability of an event. If each one of your guests chose to use their private vehicle, the carbon footprint be higher. However, a shuttle service or a carpool option along with electric cars can be a good option to reduce pollution.

Use of reusable cutlery

Say an absolute no to plastic products. No plastic spoons, plates or utensils. This will reduce the waste and not create a mountain of unmanageable waste. For catering, bone china or metal utensils can prove to be a good option. One should encourage attendees to refill water bottles (not plastic ones) through drinking water stations.

The presence of compostable items and reusable crockery for take-away options will help you achieve the goal of a sustainable party.

Biodegradable utensils

You can also opt for biodegradable plastics, which are made from renewable raw materials. use of bamboo products will not only add class to your event but also reduce unwanted waste. Decomposing them will be easy and will also be profitable for the environment.

Go digital, lose the paper

One of the most recommended green event ideas is to use event management software. This will lessen the use of printed materials. This will help conduct the event in a more efficient and streamlined manner.

The use of webinars, mobile event apps, and other online multimedia media tools will help you streamline the information and maybe a raging hit among the attendees.