“The Spanish clothing retailer Zara is regarded as a serial perpetrator of odd and divisive fashion choices, leaving everyone confused again. Zara is now selling ‘arm warmers’ with a turtleneck i.e., basically sleeves with a neck. u00a0. ‘Hey, is Zara okay?’, Twitter user Abby asked, sharing a picture showing the arm warmers on display inside a Zara store. The price tag on the cream-coloured sleeves reveal that they retail for $29.90 (Rs 1,790). In three days, the tweet garnered over 76,000 likes, along with hundreds of amusing comments. Just like us, some Twitter users were puzzled as to what this apparel is called and what purpose is it going to serve?. u00a0. Here’s how Twitterati reacted on the winter chic piece:. u00a0. u00a0. While many found the piece bizarre, others have written in support of this trendy piece, posting pictures of their own in similar apparel. u00a0. u00a0. This is not the first time that Zara grabbed attention. Their skirt received notoriety two years ago for bearing a striking resemblance to the Indian lungi. The Zara at-home catalogue, this year, proved to be more of a joke than triumph. #Zara #Fashion #Twitter #lifestyleu00a0.”