June 21 will mark the sixth International
Yoga Day and like last year, we can’t practice asanas
and poses in large groups because of the coronavirus pandemic. But, it shouldn’t stop us from
celebrating it inside our homes. Here’s a list of fitness enthusiast YouTubers to help you exercise:


With 929k followers on YouTube, actor Shilpa Shetty’s
channel ‘Shilpa’s Yoga’ teaches yoga postures for increasing height, getting
a flat tummy, improving digestion power and many more. For making the
experience of yoga even more calming and peaceful, the channel has few videos with motivational music.

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with Adriene

you are new to yoga and wondering where to begin, this YouTube
channel is for you. With the’ Yoga For Beginners’ and ‘Foundations
of Yoga’ series, Adriene breaks down all difficult poses for you. 


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If you are struggling with mental
health issues, the YouTube channel of Natasha Noel is a must to
follow. She openly talks about her depression and how yoga helped her. She regularly shares meditation, stretch
routines and surya namaskars videos.

kids yoga by Jamie Amor

This YouTube channel makes easy, fun
and visually appealing yoga videos for children. With kids being indoor for over one year now, yoga can help them channelise their energy. 

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