Who doesn’t
want glowing pink lips? While most of us love wearing lip colours and gloss,
you can’t get that perfect look if your lips are dry and chapped. 

The skin on
our lips is much thinner making them prone to cracks. Lips have very
few oil glands and cannot generate oils that help to take care of your

Lips are a crucial and beautiful part of your face and with some efforts, you can take care
of your lips. 

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Avoid dehydration

One of the
major causes of dry lips is dehydration. You need to drink enough water and add
fruits and juices to your everyday routine. Consuming vitamins and other
nutrients reflect directly on the health of your lips. 

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Don’t touch or lick your lips

Your lips
don’t contain any protection on its own – licking directly impacts your lips.
Touching the lips makes them vulnerable to infection because of the dirt in
your hand. You further tend to prick the skin on your lips if it’s already
chapped. Sip some water whenever you feel your lips are dry. 

Scrub your lips

Dead skin
cells are removed and your lips stay healthy when you scrub them properly. All
you need is a natural lip scrub or you can make one at home using sugar, honey,
lemon, and oil.

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Massage gently

Take a few
drops of your favourite oil and gently massage your lips. Try using oil which
is rich in fatty acids like omega 6 and 3 that helps in assisting skin repair,

Never leave home without a lip balm

Never step
out of the house without your lip balm. Whenever your lips get dry, use a lip
balm to moisturize it. 

Happy pouting!