The pandemic-stricken world has left us with beds for workspaces, Google meets for social interaction, and sweatpants for professional attire. While staying in bed in sweats all day seems like the classic way to work from home, it is important to build a solid work from home routine to stay productive and energetic all day.

Here are 5 steps to transform your work from home routine-

1. Rise and shine

While staying in bed and not waking up till the last minute seems tempting, it is best to start your day an hour before work. Instead of rushing to your laptop, take some time to breathe, unwind and go out for a brief walk. A quick walk or exercise in the neighbourhood will make you feel refreshed. 

2.  Clean slate

It is best to get all your work done on the same day, so you start a new day on a new note. There is nothing better than the feeling of waking up in the morning and feeling accomplished for getting all your work done the day before. Starting a new day with no prior tasks from the day before will give you a much-needed boost of accomplishment.

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3.  To-do lists

According to science, you’re more likely to achieve your goals if you simply write them down. Creating a to-do list helps you focus better, break down bigger tasks, and avoid brain overload. Simply jot down your tasks on paper and tick them off one by one as you get done. Checking boxes off will make you feel more accomplished and motivated.

4.  You are what you eat

Eating a nutritious meal is key to being productive all day. It is essential to munch on small snacks to keep yourself energetic. Make sure to avoid heavy or oily foods, because fatty foods will leave you dozing off into a food coma.

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5.  Interact

A bit of human interaction goes a long way, especially if you glare at screens all day during work hours. Whether it’s a quick light conversation with your family, or small talk with your online colleagues, socialising will help boost your happy hormones.