This may make you go ‘whattt’ in a squeaky voice but periods are still a hush-hush topic in India and in fact, in many parts of the world. This is why many a time, important conversations around this so-called taboo topic remain unattended resulting in several women living with bizarre myths and lack of information about a process that impacts their health and lifestyle the most. Now, as health and women-centric discussions are on the rise thanks to social media and awareness campaigns, it’s high time to talk about the crazy myths associated with menstruation.

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Some of the most common period myths are related to cramps, food habits and workouts while menstruating. In this article, we will bust all the mensuration related common myths so that women can relax and stay free for real.

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Myth 1: Sour and cold foods worsen the period pain

Well, there is absolutely no scientific data or logic backing this myth. In fact, doctors and experts around the world recommend women consume almost every edible thing to get needed nutrition during this time as the body gets weak. In fact, sour foods are packed with Vitamin C, which helps in boosting immunity. One can even have cold foods but in moderation.

Myth 2: Periods cramps are not a good sign

Repeat after me, period pain is not an indication of an underlying problem. In fact, mild to moderate pain during the period is a good sign. You might be surprised to know that period pain is a sign of a healthy uterus and ovaries.

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Myth 3: You cannot get pregnant during your periods

This is the most common and most circulated myth that having unprotected sex during periods is safe. However, women who get regular periods are unlikely to conceive during this time but if you have irregular periods, the time when you are fertile may overlap with your period and you can also get pregnant during periods if you bleed longer than usual.

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Myth 4: Cold baths can worsen period cramps

Nope! not happening. Period pain happens because your uterus is shedding its walls, which has no relation to the kind of water you are putting on your body. Though yes, a hot water bath can relax the body because it has soothing effect on the body but has nothing to do with the periods.