We all know how important it is to start the day on the right note. A good morning routine keeps you focused, organised, energetic and happy, while starting the day on the wrong note can make the entire day cluttered, leaving you irritated, anxious and stressed.

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Although our day is impacted by several factors, on which we don’t have much control, but there are things we can do to ensure a stress-free day, and that starts in the morning.

So here is a morning routine you can follow for a great day:

Make your bed

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Although not many people understand this, making the bed first thing in the morning is the perfect chore to start the day. Not only does it make your bedroom look clean, but it also gives the mental satisfaction of having check-listed one task from your to-do list.

Drink water

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The eight-hour-long sleep leaves your body dehydrated and you already know how important it is to hydrate. So drink at least one glass of water after waking up. It can be anything, lukewarm, lemon, or normal, it is up to you. A glass of methi (fenugreek) water is also a great option.

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Physical activity is crucial for a healthy body and a sound mind. Although you can exercise any time of the day, doing it in the morning has a psychological benefit. When you do a physical activity, it leads to the release of happy hormones, called endorphins. And who doesn’t want to start his/her day on a happy note?

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You can choose the exercise of your choice, be it Yoga, pilates, Zumba, aerobics, or just walking, but try to do it in the morning. 


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Along with sipping your morning tea or coffee, instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media, try to slip reading to your routine. You can pick up the newspaper, or a book.

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If you are into self-help books, then great as they can induce positivity and help you make better choices during the day.

Get ready

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The next task on your list should be to get ready. It helps to decide the previous day what clothes you would wear. Also, try to iron the clothes and keep things you need while going out, the previous day.

Have a well-balanced breakfast

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You cannot sail through the day on an empty stomach. So, make sure you have a well-balanced and healthy breakfast, with all your protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals on your plate.

This keeps you energised throughout the morning and makes you healthier in the long run.

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Other than these, chalk out your tasks for the day, the previous evening. This will save you crucial moments in the day, leaving you with time for important tasks.