Are you
wondering why you have puffy eyes or how you can make under-eye bags disappear?
Here’s good news for you – there are many ways to help reduce the puffiness
around your eyes.

remedies are easy, like drinking more water or using cucumber to soothe your

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Puffy eyes
generally result from a variety of factors, like overconsumption of salt, sinus
problem, dehydration, crying, stress, and aging.

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Here are a
few tips to reduce the puffiness around your eyes and look your best:

your eyes with cold water several times a day – especially if your job entails
looking at the computer screen. This helps in relieving stress around the eyes.
It also ensures that you get better sleep at night without any irritation,
burning sensation, or itchiness.

can use a balm for a quick fix. It hydrates and soothes tired skin. You just
have to gently massage the skin around the eyes.

eye mask can work wonders and provide instant relief. Alternatively, you can
use a sheet mask to soothe the puffiness around the eye. For best results,
store the pack in the refrigerator.

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using rose water to treat your eyes. Rosewater has analgesic properties and
acts as a pain reliever. All you need to do is apply a few drops under your
eyes with a cotton ball. You can leave it for 15 minutes for the relaxing

you can get a night of proper sleep at night.

Hope these
tips will help you.