The number of COVID jabs administered crossed the one billion mark across the globe on Sunday, according to AFP’s tally. Though, vaccine drives are running in high speed, there are questions about vaccines that how long will it provide protection from the virus. 

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Scientists say that vaccines are a safer option as it keeps you and your loved ones protected.  Getting vaccinated prevents any severe illness and avoids hospitalisation. 

Though, it is still unknown that until when the vaccines, once administered, will keep you protected. Researchers are still studying on the time duration after which people start becoming vulnerable to the virus again. 

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So far, as per research, American company Pfizer’s vaccine is highly effective for over six months or longer. Similarly, Moderna’s vaccine also keeps you protected for over six months. But there are confusions over whether vaccines will work against the newer coronavirus strains or not, which are more complex than the original one. 

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