This week, an unwelcomed guest made its way to the panel room of a Kota Railway station, causing bafflement.

A 6-foot-long cobra was spotted sitting on the signal at the Kota division’s Ravtha Road station.

A journalist posted a picture of the railway officer, who was supposedly operating from the panel room, sitting on a table kept behind.

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The occurrence of the venomous reptile, as per reports, did not obstruct train service in the hectic section.

Journalist Deepak Kumar Jha posted the picture and stated –

“A six feet Cobra sneaked on the table of railway officer at Panel room of Ravtha Road (RDT), Kota Division. It however did not affect train services in the busy section. The station is thronged by thousands of engineering/medical aspirants daily.”

One user wrote – “Holy Shit! How were the services not affected? & how is that guy calm?”

Another user wrote – “Pic itself gives me chills not sure how he is holding up there.”

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Many Twitter users were both entertained and frightened by the situation after it started circulating on social media.

Elapids are deadly snakes having hollow fangs fastened to the top jaw at the front of the mouth. Cobras are Elapids. According to the San Diego Zoo, these snakes can’t keep their fangs down on prey, so they inject venom through their fangs. They have exceptional night vision and a keen sense of smell. Cobras feature round pupils and smooth scales in addition to their distinctive hoods.

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A monkey managed to enter the VIP lounge of New Delhi‘s Indira Gandhi International Airport last year and attempted to drink juice and eat some food. Passengers came to a halt to film the animal.

A video of the monkey drinking Real fruit juice on a bar counter in the VIP lounge took over the internet.