An ad showcasing former India
team member Rahul Dravid in a completely new, angry avatar, went viral earlier this month. In the ad, Dravid can be seen intimidating pedestrians,
throwing food on a car’s window, and damaging mirrors before loudly
proclaiming he is the ‘Indiranagar ka Goonda’.

A new, behind-the-scenes video of the ad-shoot was posted on
his YouTube channel by comedian and content creator Tanmay Bhat on Sunday,
where he is seen attending the shoot, talking to the people involved, including
Rahul Dravid, and cracking the occasional joke.

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The clip shows Dravid trying time and again to get a perfect
shot of himself being angry, and getting visual cues from the director.

At one point, Bhat is seen interacting with Dravid regarding
his batting grip, with the latter, popping out of the sunroof of an SUV,
explains his technique and differentiates his own from Sachin Tendulkar’s grip.

In a span of 48 hours, the video has received more than 1.5
million views, alongside 160,000 likes.

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Dravid, throughout his cricketing career, has scored more than
26,000 runs across formats, as well as handling the responsibility of being the
wicker keeper of the ODI team in early 2000s.

A well-known feature of him, however,
has always been his cool temperament and steady, careful style – something that
was totally reversed in the advertisement.