One of the most physically demanding sports in the world, the NFL is also one of the most popular leagues on earth. Players who play in the NFL are often physically strong, which is crucial for their success in the league.

From Austin Ekeler to Saquon Barkley, the strongest players in the NFL are also some of the most successful players currently. Let’s take a look at the strongest players in the NFL in 2022.

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Austin Ekeler

The 27-year-old Los Angeles Chargers star is one of the strongest players in the NFL in 2022. The running back has a height of 1.73 meters, weighs 200 pounds and has the nickname “Pound for Pound” among his teammates.

Ekeler is known for some amazing workouts, which is part of his training. He is capable of three sets of three heavy squats of 455 pounds.

Nick Chubb

The 26-year-old Cleveland Browns star is often referred to as one of the strongest players in the NFL. The running back boasts a height of 1.8 meters and weighs 227 pounds. He is often seen in the gym training and some of his workouts are simply amazing.

A video of Chubb’s gym workouts was shared by the NFL on its social media accounts, where he was seen lifting 2.7 times his body weight in a raw squad double with a Tsunami Bar with a weight of 610 pounds. He did not even wear knee sleeves to lift the weight and a lifting belt was absent as well.

Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants running back is another running back who is often discussed among the strongest players in the NFL in 2022. The 25-year-old has a height of 1.83 meters and weighs 232 pounds, one of the highest among NFL players.

Barkley is known for his massive weightlifting abilities. During his college career with Penn State, he made a record of 405 pounds clean and jerk, ranking third on the all-time heaviest squat list. He can also pull off a lift of 390 pounds without any straps.

Aaron Donald

The Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle is one of the strongest players currently playing in the NFL. He has a height of 1.85 meters and weighs 285 pounds which makes him one of the most successful defenders in the league.

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Donald’s record in lifting is 500 pounds and he can also do squats of 35 reps of 225 pounds.

Danielle Hunter

The 27-year-old outside linebacker is one of the most jacked players currently playing in the NFL. The Minnesota Vikings star boasts a height of 1.96 meters and weighs 263 pounds.

Hunter can bench press 295 pounds, which is also his personal best. He can also do 23 reps of 225 pounds.