Bronny James, LeBron James‘ 18-year-old son, is recuperating after a cardiac arrest. He was taken to the hospital right away after passing out on Monday in the middle of a workout in Los Angeles.

“Yesterday while practicing Bronny James suffered a cardiac arrest. Medical staff was able to treat Bronny and take him to the hospital,” according to a family statement. As per reports, his condition has improved and he is no longer in the intensive care unit.

A source told DailyMail that LeBron James is ‘making sure he gets the best care possible’ and has gone into ‘full Dad mode and is protecting his son in any way he can,’ adding that LeBron is ‘scared and devastated’.

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What is cardiac arrest?

A medical emergency known as cardiac arrest happens when the heart abruptly stops working properly, cutting off blood flow to essential organs and tissues.

The electrical mechanism of the heart malfunctions during cardiac arrest, resulting in an irregular heart rhythm that inhibits the heart from adequately pumping blood throughout the body. As a result, oxygen-rich blood does not reach the brain and other organs, which can quickly result in death if no immediate medical attention is given.

What are the causes of cardiac arrest?

Some of the causes of cardiac arrest include CAD (Coronary Artery Disease), arrhythmias or abnormal heart rhythms, cardiomyopathy, electrical disturbances, heart valve problems, drug overdose, electrocution, hypothermia, and trauma.

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How common is cardiac arrest?

Dr. Rory Weiner, a sports cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, noted that while the exact number of cases of cardiac arrest in athletes is unknown, it is thought that between 1 in 50,000 and 1 in 100,000 young athletes die from cardiac arrest each year.

However, he pointed out that it can change based on the sport performed and the athlete’s gender. He claimed that collegiate basketball players have one of the higher incidences of fatal cardiac arrest for unknown factors.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, older persons and men are at the largest risk of cardiac arrest, but over 2,000 seemingly healthy people under the age of 25 die from it each year.

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What is the relation of cardiac arrests to COVID vaccines?

Major medical facilities claim that there is not sufficient evidence to conclude that receiving the COVID-19 vaccine increases the risk of cardiac arrest. But in some patients, it can cause inflammation of the heart. However, this side effect is usually minor and goes away after treatment.

Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that research suggests that the rate of heart inflammation brought on by the vaccine appears to be significantly lower than heart inflammation brought on by COVID-19 infection.

The COVID-19 vaccine is safe for those with cardiac issues, according to Healthline. Each vaccination used in the United States has undergone clinical studies to evaluate its safety and efficacy. Both healthy people and those with different underlying medical issues participated in these trials.

In fact, studies show that getting vaccinated is very essential if you have a cardiac disease. This is because individuals with heart issues are at a higher risk of serious disease if they are exposed to COVID-19.