Chris Olave,
the New Orleans Saints wide receiver, donned custom cleats and a decal on his
helmet at the Saints versus Minnesota Vikings game in London, UK on Sunday.
Olav, 22, has Cuban roots from his father’s side. The United States marks
September 15 to October 15 every year as National Hispanic Heritage Month. It
is in honour of his heritage that Olave donned the traditional Hispanic markers
on his helmet.

Chris Olave’s father Raul Olave has Hispanic roots while his mother Causha Olave has African-American heritage. 

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Through his attire, Olave was paying tribute to his Cuban heritage. The Cuban flag consists of three blue and two white stripes along with a triangle with a star in the middle. The two white stripes represent the purity of the independence ideal. The red triangle represents liberty, equality and fraternity with the red a symbol of the blood that was shed for Cuban freedom. 

Olave’s decision to pay tribute to his Cuban heritage came at a significant time. 

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Not only is it the Hispanic Heritage Month, but Cuba also went through the massive Hurricane Ian. Hurricane Ian first hit Cuba before turning into a Category 4 storm and hitting Florida. But as soon as the storm hit Florida, Cuba’s story started falling through the news cycle. 

The whole of the Cuban island lost power on account of the hurricane. Hospitals stopped functioning and life was in tatters in a country which was yet to completely recuperate from its last hurricane experience. Chris Olave’s decision to represent his Cuban heritage put Cuba back on the global news cycle. 

Cuba capital Havana has remained in darkness until Saturday, according to a BBC report. There are reports of massive protests against the government with citizens seeking power return immediately. Cuba has been in darkness since September 27. However, the island nation hardly has the infrastructure to get enough work done immediately to get the power back.