The pitch invader at Argentina vs Netherlands FIFA World Cup quarter-final match at Lusail Stadium had ‘Vitally The Goat’ written on his chest in reference to the Russian YouTuber Vitaly who has been a serial pitch invader over the years.

A report by The Daily Star said later that the invader was indeed the YouTuber and former pornstar, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

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He was violently hounded out of the stadium by five security officers after they pinned him down to the ground first. Vitaly also famously invaded the pitch at the 2014 FIFA World Cup final. 

Vitaly has been banned by FIFA matches for invading pitches. After that, his fans and associates orchestrated similar pitch invasions with either ‘Vitally uncensored’ or ‘Vitaly The Goat’ on their clothes or painted on their bodies. 

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Vitaly’s ex-girlfriend Kinsey Wolanski famously invaded the pitch during the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. Wolanski gained over 2 million followers on Instagram after the act, but her account was later suspended by Instagram. 

Vitaly and his fans streak at major sporting events to create a buzz on social media. Apart from invading FIFA World Cup matches, he has entered pitches unlawfully in NBA and NFL too. 

As soon as he invaded the pitch, more than five security officials pounced on him and prevented broadcasting cameras to display the message on his chest and clothes. FIFA’s prompt action made sure that the YouTuber does not get undue exposure on a major FIFA platform. 

Vitaly has over 10 million followers on his YouTube channel. He rose to fame through YouTube videos and also worked with the porn production company BangBros as an actor.