Singer Jack Harlow performed at the Halftime Show during the Lions – Packers Thanksgiving Day game on Thursday.

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Due in large part to the large audience that NFL games usually draw, it has long been customary to have well-known musical artists in NFL broadcasts. 

Jack Harlow’s performance, which opened with “Tyler Herro” and then moved into other pieces, added to this tradition. Although his set was similar to the typical halftime show medley, there was one instance where smoke effects were used, and some viewers felt that this accidentally gave the performance by such a well-known musician a hint of low-budget aesthetics.

However, after Harlow’s halftime performance, the rapper was severely trolled on social media. Several NFL fans and X users expressed their disappointment on social media. 

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One X user wrote, “ack Harlow sucks. Guess it’s hard to find a talented act they would play on Thanksgiving. I hate poser white rappers, especially when they have zero talent. 

@NFL should read the lyrics to this no talent assclown’s songs. Not exactly family friendly.”

“I’ve seen a lot of terrible halftime shows in my years…but Jack Harlow gotta be at the top of the list. #GBvsDET #NFL” another user wrote.

One user wrote, “Why the NFL put Jack Harlow at halftime for Detroit fans who already going through Hell watching Goff 😭😭😭”

Another user tweeted, “Jack Harlow with that half ass performance lol. But I get it most of the people that are watching wasn’t & never will be his fans so why give them a good performance 👀😂 We don’t deserve it. His audience is 13 year old suburban whites girls. Not the usual NFL watchers.”

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Jackman American rapper, singer, and actor Thomas Harlow is better known by his stage name, Jack Harlow. Among his noteworthy accomplishments include a 2021 Billboard Music Awards nomination for Best New Artist, Variety’s “Hitmaker of the Year” award, and inclusion on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.