If Mark Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk boxing was to happen in reality, it could rake in over a billion dollars in revenue, Dana White said.

The president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is taking the potential fight challenge between the SpaceX and Facebook owners seriously even if most of the fans still believe it is too far fetched to ever become a reality.

“Think about how big that fight is — two of the richest, most powerful guys in the f***ing world are gonna fight on the biggest stage ever,” White said during his appearance on Mike Tyson’s ‘Hotboxin’. “Who the f*** doesn’t wanna see that fight?? … That’s the kind of fight your f***ing grandmother would watch that fight.”

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In fact, White said that he had also gotten involved in turning the fight as epic as possible by trying to finalize an historically iconic venue for the same — the Colosseum in Rome.

The Colosseum, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was built between C.E. 70 and 72 and was enjoyed by Roman citizens during the height of the Roman Empire. It is a large amphitheater that hosted events like gladiatorial games. It could hold more than 50,000 spectators at its maximum capacity.

White said on the the sports podcast that he had talked to people in Italy about hosting the fight between the two billionaires in the Colosseum. “I actually did have a meeting with the Minister of Culture’s team in Italy to actually hold that fight in the Colosseum if it would happen,” White said. “We’re talking.”

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Just a few days ago, Musk his cage fight with Zuckerberg will be streamed on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Zuck v Musk fight will be live-streamed on X,” Musk wrote in a post on the platform on August 6. “All proceeds will be donated to a veteran’s charity.”

The two tech millionaires appeared to have agreed to a “cage match” in late June. Zuckerberg is actually trained in mixed martial arts, and the CEO of Facebook’s parent company Meta wrote earlier this year about finishing his first jiu jitsu event.