New Zealand Cricket announced a new agreement on Tuesday that would close the wage gap between male and female players. The base match fees for all players will now be at par, according to the new announcement.

David White, who heads New Zealand Cricket, said in a statement: “This is the most important agreement in our sport, as it binds NZC, the major associations, and our players at the hip, and sets the foundation to fund, grow and develop cricket.”

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White hailed the new agreement as a “significant step forward as we continue to grow our investment in women’s cricket.”

What does the new agreement change?

The new deal, which is currently applicable for five years, will close the match fees gap for men and women players across all formats and competitions affiliated with New Zealand Cricket. This is valid for both international and domestic cricket.

All players will also be given equal monetary compensation for covering expenditures related to accommodation, travel and training, according to the new agreement.

New Zealand Cricket currently has 54 women’s domestic contracts, which will now be bumped up to 72. Men will still, however, earn higher retainers due as they have greater number of matches scheduled, Indian Express reported.

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How is the pay scale going to change?

New Zealand Cricket currently has a different pay scale for players, depending on the tournament. The new contract breakdown per game will be:

Test match- $10,250

ODIs: $4,000

T20Is: $2,500

Plunket Shield: $1,750

Ford Trophy/Hallyburton Johnstone Shield: $800

Super Smash: $575

Kane Willamson, who is currently the skipper for the Blackcaps, also reacted to the new announcement. He said, “It is really important for the current players to build on the legacy of those who have gone before us, and to support tomorrow’s players, both men and women, at all levels”, Indian Express reported.