The 2022 NFL season will begin on September 8 when the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills face each other in the opening game on Thursday night and it remains to be seen who comes out on top.

The first game week will also provide insights from the top wide receivers for the rest of the season. Let’s take a look at the top five wide receivers ahead of the first NFL game week.

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Cooper Kupp, Rams

The Rams’ star running back is expected to build on his last season’s performance in 2022. He was a technical route runner with good abilities with his hands and a great mentality in the red zone before Matthew Stafford arrived. The 29-year-old registered 145 receptions on 191 targets in the previous season. He also recorded 1,947 yards, 13.4 yards every catch and 16 TDs in 2021.

Davante Adams, Raiders 

Adams is set to begin his first season with the Raiders and he will be expected to rekindle a connection with Derek Carr to showcase a dynamic passing game under coach McDaniels. He made 123 receptions in 2021 on 169 targets. Adams also registered 1,553 yards, 11 TDS and 12.6 yards every catch in the last season and is expected to build on that in the first gameweek.

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Justin Jefferson, Vikings 

Jefferson has already played in two great seasons in the NFL and has proved himself a lethal receiver. He made 108 receptions on 167 targets in 2021 and registered 10 TDs, 1,616 yards and 15 yards every catch as well.

Ja’Marr Chase, Bengals 

The Cincinnati Bengals star made 81 receptions on 128 targets in 2021, the 20th most in the NFL. He also recorded 1,455 receiving yards, 18.0 per reception (second) and 56 first downs.

Chase’s catch rate and red zone work are expected to develop in the new season, which makes him one of the most sought-after players in the NFL.

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Deebo Samuel, 49ers 

Samuel registered 77 receptions on 121 targets in the 2021 season, along with 1,406 receiving yards, 6 TDs and 59 rushes. The 26-year-old suffered an injury recently but has since then returned to training. His work rate has been commendable and he will continue to be an important part of the 49ers’ attack along with Trey Lance.