The Chicago Bears are playing hosts to the Washington Commanders in Thursday Night Football in Week 6 of the 2022 NFL season at Soldier Field on October 13. While on-field action is what excites the fans most, the Bears’ new alternate orange helmet surprised many as well.

The Chicago Bears donned orange uniforms, along with orange helmets against the Washington Commanders on Thursday night. While their jerseys have remained largely static in the last century, their new look was subject to questions — both positive and negative during the game. Let’s find out more about the new uniform here.

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The new alternate orange uniforms are the Bears’ way of reintroducing their old orange uniforms. The announcement for the usage of the orange uniforms and helmets in Week 6 of the 2022 NFL season was made by the Chicago Bears earlier this year.

Orange has been used as one of the accent colors by the Bears. However, they never made it one of their primary colors in the past, mostly because it was not allowed. The uniform policy of the NFL earlier dictated that teams were not allowed to use an alternate helmet in the course of a season, which changed ahead of the 2022 season.

This is why the Chicago Bears, despite having used orange uniforms in the past, never used helmets with the same color. However, since the NFL has changed its regulations surrounding alternate helmets, they have now made full use of them.

The Bears have used the color orange as one of their accents since 1922 when the team was rebranded from their earlier name, the Staleys.

However, the Chicago Bears have previously used orange helmets in their history. During the 1930s, when leather helmets were worn by players in the league, before the introduction of hard helmets, the Bears used orange helmets during games.

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This is the biggest change in the Bears’ attire since 1962 when they introduced the letter “C” on their helmets. The NFL outfit also wore a classic uniform in the 2019 season, focused on celebrating the completion of 100-year the National Football League.

The Chicago Bears have also announced that they will be wearing the orange alternative uniform once more in the upcoming season, against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 8 of the NFL.