Several fans trolled the NFL for a boring and slow Pro Bowl 2023 game at the Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas on Sunday.

“They need to just eliminate the #ProBowlGames OMG. How pathetic is this?,” a Twitter user wrote.

“This is the most boring thing I have ever watched #ProBowlGames,” another one added.

“When the #ProBowlGames decided to play flag football, we decided golf was more interesting to watch,” a third one tweeted.

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The NFL Pro Bowl 2023 has put more emphasis on “games” this year than ever before. The NFL has abandoned the previous format of playing an exhibition football game, with skills challenges only taking on a supplementary role. It has made the latter the main focus of the 2023 games.

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The NFL Pro Bowl Games started at 3 pm Eastern Time at Allegiant Stadium. The NFL’s brightest stars square off in a series of competitive skills challenges and three flag football games that will cap the week’s events. The AFC won three of the first four competitions to take a 9-3 lead heading into Sunday.

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The NFC has recorded a 33-27 Game 1 win on the strength of Geno Smith’s five touchdown passes. The Seahawks’ quarterback threw touchdown passes to CeeDee Lamb that involved the game-winning score with one-second remaining.

The AFC win kick tac toe, so they still have a lead over the NFC despite the NFC winning the first flag football game. Geno Smith threw for 239 yards and 5 TD in this game and only had two incompletions.

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Trevor Lawrence and Jared Goff are the quarterbacks for the second flag football game. Lawrence threw a pick-six to Jaire Alexander after being pressured by Micah Parsons. Parsons led the NFL with 74 pressures during the 2022 season.