Sha’Carri Richardson, American track and field athlete, on Saturday shared the video of the moment she was kicked out of an American Airlines flight after an argument with an attendant. 

“Tell me if I’ll be wrong to pursue legal actions against the airline @americanair not only did the man threaten me but also an innocent bystander who simply just wanted a picture with me,” she said on social media.

“In the beginning of the video you can hear a Caucasian male state that he doesn’t give a f as a man that male flight attendant is intimidating a woman,” Richardson posted.

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“Also the captain not doing anything to help the situation and this flight attendant has the applause when I exited the plane when I’m pretty serious the disrespect I received would not have happened if I was a one of them.”

Watch the video:

Richardson claimed the flight attendant, whom she identifies as John, disrespected her while she was talking on her phone before the takeoff.

It is unclear where Richardson was traveling from or to, but she said that she was vacationing.

The 23-year-old continued to argue with the flight attendant in her video and after showing him on camera he moved back behind a curtain. After asking her to stop recording, Richardson responded animatedly to the flight attendant.

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“I’m recording me but you jumped in my video, so I caught you because you jumped in my video,” Richardson told the flight attendant. “You’re harassing me at this point, so I think you should stop. I think you should stop,” she added.

Several passengers can subsequently be heard growing aggravated with Richardson, telling her to stop fighting with the flight attendant.

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“Y’all see him right? Y’all see him right? Y’all see him right? I’m sorry, it’s not me,” Richardson responded. “Talk to him. No ma’am. Do not talk to me like that. I’m an adult. Do not talk to me like that. Do not talk to me like that. Tell him to stop. If you do not know what’s going on, do not yell at me,” she said.

She got into argument with a different passenger and claimed that she was disrespected by many of the passengers on board.

Richardson is seen telling someone the flight attendant should have been kicked off the plane. Another passenger is heard telling her he has to get off the plane because he’s going to miss his connecting flight.

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“Oh, so you’re worried about a connection when a grown man is disrespecting me?” Richardson replied.

“I don’t give a s–t,” the passenger answered back.

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She was then escorted out of the plane and continued to trade shouts with passengers and flight crew on her way out. Applause could be heard as she exited.