Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ QB Tom Brady was upset and seen shouting during the Week 13 Monday Night Football Game vs New Orleans Saints at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.


Brady who does not hold a good win-loss record against the Saints, was caught dropping F-bombs on National Television.

The QB was seen saying,” You F-cking kidding me, What the F-ck was that.”

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There are all the reasons for the player to be upset. His offensive line has not been holding up in the game. Even though the team leads 17-16, Brady has been pretty average in the game, completing just 36 of his 54 passes until this point.

ManningCast were doing an alternative commentary on the game as part of their deal with ESPN. The panel’s guest for the week also included Tom Brady’s close friend UFC President, Dana White. White was present on the panel when Brady dropped these explitives.

He had a visceral reaction to this. When co-host and two-time Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning asked White whether he could read lips of the quarterback, White replied in affirmative.

He said, “Yeah, I was reading his lips and he is not happy, he is saying things that you can not use on ESPN.”

The New Orleans Saints were defeated, 20-10, earlier in the season at home by the same Buccaneers squad. They lost again, 17-16 on Monday. 

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Brady recorded his first win against these opponents since joining Tampa in 2020. he was 0-4 prior to this season’s Week 2 win.

In the last five games vs the Saints, Brady has been restricted to an unusually down passing %. He has been held to below 55% passes completed on three of those occasions. Even in the win this year, the NFL legend could only complete 18 out of his 34 passes for only 190 yards but a Td.