Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were booed in their home stadium during the first half against the New Orleans Saints. 

“Boos around the stadium. People are pissed. Brady looks finished. Does Mike evans even matter? #fireleftwich #firebowles,” a Twitter user said. 

“Brady is the 🐐, yes. But that man had a chance to go out on top two years ago and didn’t. Now he’s hearing boos at home,” another one added. 

“Brady getting boo’d by his own fans at home. Alternate universe confirmed,” a third one added. 

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The Saints led 10-3 at half-time. 

One of the biggest nemesis of Tom Brady since arriving in Tampa in 2020 has been the Saints, who have won four of the last five games against his side.

When Brady was a player for New England Patriots, he held a 4-1 record against the team but that win-loss record is now equal to 5-5. The Saints’ defense has been known to stop the seven-time Super Bowl winner.

In three of the last five games against these opponents, his passing percentage was below 55% which is an anomaly for the quarterback. For his career, he is a 64.3% passer.

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This is their second meeting of the season with Buccaneers winning the earlier game in Week 2 by a score of 20-10. In a bad passing night where he could only complete 18 of his 34 passes and threw for just 190 passing yards for a solitary Td, his side’s stiff defense helped him to win the game. 

NFC South picture after Week 12:

NFC South is the only division in the entire NFL where not even a single team has a winning record as all four teams, Buccaneers, Panthers, Saints and Falcons have a below .500 record.

Tampa Bay leads the division with five wins and six losses while Saints are bottom of the group with a 4-8 record.