Bobby Hull, Hockey Hall of Famer has died at the age of 84, the Chicago Blackhawks said on Monday. He was the first National Hockey League (NHL) player to score more than 50 goals in a season. Hull had a feared slapshot and was known as the ‘Golden Jet’ because of his blonde hair and speed on the ice. He helped lead the Blackhawks to a Stanley Cup championship in 1961 that ended a 23-year title drought for the franchise.

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Hull was accused by two of his three wives of domestic abuse. In one incident, he allegedly attacked a cop who had responded to a call at his house while one of these domestic abuses was allegedly taking place. His ex-wife Joanne said that Hull beat her with a steel-heeled shoe on a trip to Hawaii.

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Canadian Hull once expressed Nazi-sympathizing views to a newspaper in Moscow. Bobby Hull told the English-language Moscow Times that Nazis were not without merit, that the black population of the United States was growing too fast and that genetic breeding was a worthy idea.

“Hitler, for example, had some good ideas. He just went a little bit too far,” he told the newspaper.

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He also said the Canadian government was too left-wing and was giving welfare payments to people who don’t deserve them, the Moscow Times reported in August 1998.

He gave the interview while in Russia as a guest of the organizers of the annual Spartak hockey tournament.

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However, he denied making those statements and threatened to sue the Moscow Times and Toronto Sun over printing the remarks, as well as others that reprinted the comments. The lawsuits were never adjudicated. “It’s not just what he said but the way in which he said it; that his demeanor, tone of voice, facial expression communicated nothing but contempt and hatred for Adolf Hitler,” his lawyer said.