Washington Commanders fans booed quarterback Carson Wentz after he threw two interceptions against the Cleveland Browns in the first quarter on Sunday. 

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“Let me be clear. I like @cj_wentz but not as our elite QB. I believe @TaylorHeinicke needs more practice/play time. But we need an elite QB. We should be up 9 to 10 games,” one fan tweeted. 

“Heinicke deserves so much better. He gave the commanders life and you go to back to shitty wentz,” wrote another. 

“How long till Taylor heinicke comes in? I say end of 2nd quarter,” a third one said. 

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However, other fans were less optimistic about Heinicke and said that they are both equally bad. Their suggestion: Commanders will have to revamp their quarterback to become competitive in the NFL again.

“Breaking News: Heinicke and Wentz both suck,” college football analyst, Josh Taylor, wrote on Twitter. 

Maybe Carson Wentz will turn it around. But to this point, there is little to no evidence that this is a better team with Wentz on the field rather than Taylor Heinicke,” The Washington Post football reporter Mark Maske said in a tweet.

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“#CarsonWentz managed to start the year 1-5 for the @Commanders until #TaylorHeinicke went 6-2-1. What does #RonRivera do? Put that loser back in and let him throw an interception in the third play of a critical game,” another user tweeted.

“ik taylor heinicke isn’t great but i have no clue what prompted them to think moving back to carson wentz would be the answer,” another one observed in a tweet. 

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“Taylor Heinicke isn’t the world’s greatest quarterback. He might not even be good. However going back to Carson Wentz is a fireable offense,” said another fan.