The Dallas Cowboys faced the New York Giants in Week 3 of the 2022 NFL season and the visitors’ wide receiver CeeDee Lamb received praise from Peyton Manning, who was hosting the ManningCast on ESPN.

Peyton Manning was describing a one-handed receiving touchdown by the Cowboys’ wide receiver, who was found by quarterback Cooper Rush while rushing toward the end zone. It was a 1-yard reception by the Cowboys’ wide receiver and helped the Cowboys to take a 20-13 lead over the Giants.

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“Eli, you’re down there close to the goalline, no more time for zone, it’s man-to-man, watch CeeDee Lamb’s patience, you’re up the scrimmage, he sets him (Cooper Rush) in the line scrimmage, now that gives Cooper Rush time to make the throw to the pile on,” Peyton Manning said on the ManningCast while showing physically how Lambs did it.

“Nice patience by Rush. Full stick on the inside sway…(sic.),” he added.

Peyton was joined by his brother, Eli Manning, on the ManningCast, who stopped Peyton by saying,” Don’t hurt yourself Pete, don’t hurt yourself.”

The footage from the ManningCast was posted by the NFL on social media platforms. You can check the video here:

The Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants 23-16 in the Monday night football game. Ceedee Lamb registered 8 receptions for 87 yards, with an average of 10.9 yards per reception. He also scored 1 receiving touchdown, which was the highlight of his performance in the night.

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The victory also means that the Dallas Cowboys have now extended their winning run to two games, after a 19-3 defeat in the season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Peyton Manning is a former NFL quarterback, who played 14 seasons for the Indianapolis Colts and four more for the Denver Broncos. He announced his retirement on March 7, 2016. His brother Eli Manning, who was also on the ManningCast on Monday night, was also an NFL quarterback, who won the Super Bowl two times, being the MVP on both occasions.