George Shea is a well-known name in the world of eating competitions. He is a co-founder and the chairman of Major League Eating, a company that oversees and plans about 70 eating contests each year, including the famous July Fourth hot dog eating competition.

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Shea is known worldwide for his witty and detailed introductions. He also dons the position of an announcer in the Hot dog eating contest.


George Shea is 57 years old.

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Shea is known for his epic introductions for the contestants in the Hot dog eating contest. Here’s one of the famous introductions by Shea for Joey Chestnut

“There will be a day that is the end. The collapse of time and all that stood within it. A day of nothing. Or no one. Of nowhere. But that day is not today. Today we burn bright. Today we blind the Earth with our desire. And while it is still ours, we will bend history to witness this moment. To witness this man. The humble consequence of carbon. The fleeting spray of life turned diamond by the sun. Forever suspended in that instant, indifferent to the gods. For he does not envy their power. He will not plead their pardon. He will curse and spit and sneer and shout his name at the heavens. I AM THE SHINING ARC OF HUMANITY. YIELD TO MY DOMINION. And if we must compete for our place within existence, we submit as our champion the champion of the world. Of now and of always. Of the air. Of the fire. Of the sea. Of the land of the free. Ladies and gentlemen, Nathan’s Famous champion of the world … Joey Chestnut!”

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George Shea’s professional career began in 1992 when he joined Matz, Arzt & Shea, a company where he served as a partner. Later on, he became the CEO of Major League Eating, formerly known as the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE).