The superstar Hsieh Su-wei has been garnering attention with her outstanding performances as she pursues her sixth doubles Grand Slam title.

French real estate agent Frederic Aniere has had a prosperous career in the industry. He studied marketing and was born and raised in Paris. While the tennis player was in Paris in 2016, Frederic and Hsieh got to know one another.

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A common acquaintance introduced the two, and it would eventually mark the start of a lovely relationship.

Who is Frederic Aniere?

Tennis prodigy Hsieh Su-wei from Taiwan has been dating Frederic Aniere for many years. He has French citizenship and works as a prosperous real estate agent. Initially meeting in Paris, Frederic and Hsieh soon fell in love. Aniere continues to be the tennis prodigy’s partner and is a huge fan of her sport.

Frederic Aniere, the partner of Hsieh Su-wei, is a native of Paris, France. After finishing his marketing coursework, he decided to pursue a career in the real estate industry. Frederic constantly stands by Aniere’s side as they travel together for her sports.

When the Taiwanese celebrity was visiting Paris in 2016, Hsieh and Frederic had their first encounter. The two would eventually fall in love with one another there, in the city of love.

Su-wei was introduced to Frederic by a common acquaintance so that he could tour her about and in the process develop a lovely friendship.

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“So I constantly travel somewhere to practice with my instructor”, the tennis pro said. “My acquaintance introduced me to a friend of hers while I was in Paris. We simply went out to dinner, with my team, not just me, and suddenly things worked out. Oh I have a friend in Paris he can take you out for fun.”

Real estate and property sales have been profitable careers for Frederic Aniere. He was already established in his real estate industry when Hsieh and Frederic first met in 2016.

Nevertheless, Aniere ultimately quit his work to travel with Su-wei. While he is still working on his own projects, he is more focused on helping his partner, who is the love of his life.

French native and prominent real estate broker Frederic Aniere has worked in Paris. He was raised in the middle of France and obtained a marketing degree. Currently dating Taiwanese tennis pro Hsieh Su-wei, Frederic and Hsieh enjoy a fulfilling relationship.