Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, extended an invitation to Jerry Edmond, a fan who had been subjected to verbal abuse following Sunday’s dramatic loss to the Raiders in Las Vegas.

In a now-viral video, a Raiders supporter wearing a jersey for Derek Carr berated the composed Edmond before another fan embraced her during the heated altercation.

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Who is Jerry Edmond?

This past Sunday, Jerry Edmond watched his New England Patriots play the Raiders in Las Vegas for the first time.

A happy day ended up being a heartbreaker since he saw what may have been the worst play in National Football League history.

After the dramatic Raiders-Patriots game on Sunday, someone captured a Raiders fan screaming nonstop in a Patriots fan’s face. This video quickly went viral. The Patriots fan, Jerry Edmond, was praised on social media for maintaining composure despite the woman appearing to be harassing him nonstop.

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“I didn’t want to ruin my experience by retaliating towards that woman so I kept my cool,” Edmond said in his tweet reply.

Following the game, Edmond received a call from Patriots owner Robert Kraft asking him to the home game against the Bengals on Saturday.  Edmond shared a recording of Kraft’s message to the League of Justice.

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Kraft remarked, “I just want you to know I think you represented our brand in a very classy way.”

For his first NFL game, Edmond flew to Las Vegas, where he said two particular fans harassed him. He claimed he never shouted at them or showed disrespect, but the woman claimed he was “talking trash” about Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and was “disrespectful to the stadium.” The only thing he said, according to Edmond, was “That’s the Derek Carr I know.”

While the Raiders fan was berating Edmond, she became quite agitated and up close, but he maintained his composure the entire time. The one-sided exchange was captured on camera, and Edmond received accolades from fan bases all around the world.

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Edmond will also get to go on the field for pregame warmups and will receive a customized jersey from the team.