The Cincinnati Bengals began Week 4 of the 2022 NFL season as they took on the Miami Dolphins at the Paul Brown Stadium on Thursday Night Football. While the hosts started the game strongly with a touchdown by running back Joe Mixon, it was their uniforms and helmets that caught the eyes of everyone.

This was the second time in the ongoing season the Bengals played at home and the first time since the opening week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They wore their new all-white Color Rush jerseys for the first time, which they unveiled earlier this season.

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They also wore a black striped white helmet in the game, which they unveiled after the NFL took their one-helmet rule back. The new combination of the all-white jerseys, paired with the black striped white helmets caught the eyes of many as fans revealed their praises on Twitter.

The Cincinnati Bengals announced the black striped white helmets in July, which was also their first-ever alternate helmet in their history. 

The ‘White Bengal’ jerseys, as they have been named by the Cincinnati Bengals, received mixed reviews from the fans. While some showed their appreciation for the new uniforms, others went ahead to term them as the ‘Zebras’.

Here are some reactions to the Bengals’ new uniform the fans posted:

Some also requested the Cincinnati Bengals to send them a set of the all-white uniform, which they liked.

However, others stressed that their original black jerseys with orange helmets suit the team better than the all-white kits.

Meanwhile, several fans termed the Bengals’ new all-white jersey the best looking uniform in the league. 

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Some fans also made fun of the new jersey, saying the Bengals players might get confused the referees as one of their players during games.

The Cincinnati Bengals took a 7-3 lead in the first quarter, courtesy of a touchdown by Joe Mixon. The game also saw a horrific injury suffered by the Dolphins’ quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who was carted off the field and transported to a level 1 trauma center.