Earlier this year in June, Apple unveiled its new operating system – iOS 15. While it was available in beta form to developers at that time, it will be available to users soon. The iOS 15 is reportedly the one for the tech giant with loads of ground-breaking features. But one question looms, when will it be rolled out and be available to the users.

While we answer this question later in the article, the users should know that a new iPhone is not required for the latest update. Any iPhone that is compatible with iOS 14 should do the trick.

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Apple’s major event of the year, California Streaming is all set for September 14, 2021. It is highly unlikely that the company will release iOS 15 before the keynote. However, it is not impossible.

If Apple follows its usual routine, the new iPhone will go on sale on Friday, September 24. If this happens then the latest update is expected to be released before that.

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Last year, Apple rolled out its iOS 14 one day after its September keynote. In hindsight, no new iPhones were launched.

So again, it is unlikely that the tech giant will release iOS 15 immediately after the keynote.

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So when will the new iOS launch?

If history teaches us anything, the latest update can be around the date when the iPhone goes on sale. In 2019, Apple released iOS 13 on Thursday, September 19, that is one before the iPhone 11 went on sale. In the previous years of 2018 and 2017, the new iOS was released at the beginning of the following week. That means it was a Monday in 2018 and Tuesday in 2017. This was three or four days before the iPhone went on sale.

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So keeping things in perspective, iOS 15 may be made available to the users either on Monday, September 20 or Tuesday 21.

Apple tends to release its updates on a Tuesday so you might just get the update on a Tuesday. Apple might just announce the release date at the keynote, too. That would make things easier.

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