Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is back in the news again, this
time with an apparent joke about whistle-blowers. He promoted the latest Tesla
merchandise, the “Cyberwhistle,” with a tweet to his followers.

Musk’s tweet read “Blow the whistle on
Tesla!” and provided a link to the $50 (Rs. 3,741). Unfortunately, the product
appears to be out of stock on Tesla’s website. The website description states
it is a limited-edition product and a premium collectible, inspired by the
Cybertruck. Made from medical-grade stainless steel, with a polished finish, this
whistle has an integrated attachment feature, which increases versatility.

While no confirmation on the integrated
attachment exists, speculation points at a lanyard hole, allowing users to wear
this whistle around their neck. Further, Tesla aficionados will realize that
the Cyberwhistle is shaped like the Cybertruck, the electric pickup truck Musk
announced two years back, in November 2019. Though it was supposed to go into
production in late 2021, Tesla has pushed the dates to sometime in 2022.

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Notably, Tesla’s new whistle is listed
under their lifestyle products, that includes various items like the Tesla
decanter, which costs $150, a desktop charger modelled after Tesla’s supercharger,
costing $45, a S3XY mug to the tune of $35, and several die-cast models of
Tesla vehicles.

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Meanwhile, Musk continued joking on the
thread saying, “Don’t waste your money on that silly Apple Cloth, buy our
whistle instead!” Of course, he is referring to the $19 (Rs. 1,421)
microfiber polishing cloth from the iPhone makers. This is not the first time
he has poked fun at Apple either. Musk replied to Apple CEO Tim Cook in October,
when he announced the new Apple store launch in Istanbul, Turkey. He urged
everyone to go and see the Apple cloth.