Over 9000 users of Amazon Alexa faced issues with the voice assistant in the U.S. on Sunday.

According to Downdetector.com several users reported issues accessing Amazon’s Alexa website as well as the mobile app. The popular outage-tracking website collates status reports from several sources. It also takes into account user-submitted errors on its platform. There were also users who appeared to be facing problems with the voice control functions. Many others flagged connectivity issues regarding Amazon Alexa. There were also reports that at the peak of the disruption, more than 15,000 users reported issues with Alexa.

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Reuters reached out to Amazon, asking them for the reason for the outage and an ETA on when the tech mogul expects the issues to be resolved. However, Amazon has not answered any questions regarding the problems. Amazon Web Services (AWS) said on Sunday it was investigating an issue regarding users receiving error messages.

Soon disgruntled users took to social media to vent their frustration about the app not working properly.

“Interesting, seems Alexa is down. Its devices work, but the voice server seems to be offline. Every time you activate Alexa via voice command, it instantly goes back to standby. It’d be nice if Amazon would report outages like this to their customers just to keep us informed,” tweeted one user. Another one wrote, “My toddler keeps yelling at them to play wheels on the bus.”

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There was also this concern floated among a number of social media users that Alexa had been possibly “hacked.” This prompted an outpouring of clarifications and debates.