Outage tracking website downdetector.com reported Amazon.com being down from users. Around 10,000 users reported the website being down at around 10 am ET, says downdetector.com, which tracks outages by collating status reports from a number of sources including user-submitted errors on its platform, says Reuters. 

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Twitter users have once again took to the micro blogging site to convey the inconvenience they are facing. Some users are joking about the situation, while others are bashing Amazon for the situation. 

Users are sharing memes on the outage. Many of them are complaining about their holiday gifts being delayed because of the situation. One user even said, “Bezos let go of the wrong person, and they made him know it in December!”

Apart from all the memes, speculations of Amazon’s layoff decision causing this sudden outage is being made. 

Twitter users have shared their opinion on the situation. 

“@amazon y’all might want to re-hire all those peeps you laid off cuz I just ordered my stuff from @Target their website and app work. We got options you know #amazondown,” said a user who goes by Cha Cha, mentioning Target, a popular departmental store chain. 

Another user tweeted, “@amazon @AmazonHelp Great job guys, you layoff half your tech staff, then your website stops working correctly. Hire them back and fix this crap! #amazondown #Greedflation,” urging Amazon to take back all the employees who have bein laid off recently. 

Reports have been surfacing for a past couple of days regarding Amazon’s plans to lay off around 20000 employees, including ones at the top positions as well. Amazon might lay off employees from various department, like distribution workers, corporate executives, and technology staff.

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The tech giant currently employs 1.6 million people globally; this layoff might be the biggest ever in company’s history.