WhatsApp, a Meta-owned messaging app, revealed the launch of new status features on Tuesday, such as ‘Voice Status,’ ‘Status Reactions,’ and many more.

According to a statement from the company, the new features have begun to flow out to users worldwide and will be accessible to everyone in the upcoming weeks. The ‘Voice Status’ function will enable users to record and send voice messages on WhatsApp status for up to 30 seconds.

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What are status reactions?

Users can quickly and easily react to status updates from their friends and close contacts using the “Status Reactions” feature.

After the introduction of Reactions last year, this was the most popular suggestion by users. By swiping up and clicking one of the eight emojis, you can now swiftly respond to any status. Additionally, you can still respond to a status using text, voicemail, stickers, and other methods.

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Along with these additions, the company also launched the “Private Audience Selector,” “Status Profile Rings for New Updates,” and “Link Previews on Status.”

Users can adjust their privacy settings for each status using the “Private Audience Selector,” giving them control over who sees their updates each time.

With the new status profile ring, whenever a contact shares a status update, a ring will be shown around their profile picture. It will be visible in the chat lists, group participant lists, and contact information.

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Moreover, owing to the “Link Previews on Status” option, users may now receive a visual glimpse of the link content when they post a link on their status or when they send a text.