Elon Musk’s reply to a tweet has sparked a new trend on Twitter – #WeLoveBob. The Tesla chief under a tweet by an account – @ExplainThisBob – said ‘I love Bob’.

Now, Twitter users are asking ‘Who is Bob’.

Bob is not a person, it is a token called Bobcoin (BOC).

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What is Bob Coin?

Bobcoin is the first cryptonization of a for-profit social enterprise in the world. Bobcoin is asset-linked-and-bound crypto that has gained popularity and recognition with various existing and upcoming listings on major exchanges. In 2017, the fundamentals of Bob Eco began when the founders started providing small loans to individuals across emerging markets. Bob Eco is the first cryptonization for-profit social enterprise in the world.

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It was built with a mission for far-reaching impact and a basic ideology of using asset finance, tech, and a customer-centric model to help in the development of developing economies.

It is the first for-profit social crypto company that manufactures and leases out electric motorcycles in developing countries. It also controls its vehicle charging network for battery swapping.

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Bob Eco offers asset finance to enhance human potential across emerging markets, along with employment creation and environmental protection as its corporate duties. It challenges the status quo and provides people an opportunity to purchase a Bob motorcycle and earn a stable income. According to Crunchbase, motorcycle taxi riders spend $4.40 daily on fuel and make a daily profit of $1.50 on average. Bob riders save nearly $4.40 on fuel per day and earn almost four times as much.

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The income from Bobcoin sales is invested in electric vehicles. Bob Eco is the first crypto company to use cryptocurrency to solve real-life issues with high-class and technology products.