The Turkey and Syria earthquakes of magnitude larger than 6.0 have caused large-scale damage in the two concerned countries. Various organizations around the world have offered to collect donations for the victims. Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker also released a fundraiser to raise money. However, the latest reports are questioning the authenticity of his fundraiser and calling it out as a scam.

As per the latest reports, the fundraiser has already collected donations of over $600,000 USD. The charities benefiting are Ahbap, CARE Turkey, CARE Syria, and AKUT Association. HasanAbi has specified that he did not want to tie up with organizations connected to the Turkish government. He took to his Twitter to post about the fundraiser and collected $150,000 in about 15 minutes.

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Is HasanAbi’s fundraiser a scam?

As soon as HasanAbi updated his followers on his social media handles, many Twitch users started calling it out as a scam. The news particularly became big when viewers asked YouTuber Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkin to not donate to the fundraiser.

HasanAbi spoke out in defense of his charity. He stated that people are desperately trying out to undermine his fundraising efforts. He expressed his disappointment and concerns in viewers’ effort to stop IShowSpeed and other donors from joining his fund. IShowSpeed was reportedly donating $50,000 to the fundraiser.

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Charles Christopher White Jr. aka MoistCr1Tikar also talked about how he finds it odd that people are trying to negate Hasan’s fundraiser and calling it a scam. He said, “You don’t have to like the person who does a good deed but you can appreciate the good deed that was done”.

So far, there are no confirmed reports of the fundraiser being a scam. HasanAbi has also publicly stated that he is going to use the money to help the people in dire need directly and not through any government organizations.