Seismologists predicted that the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that slammed Turkey and Syria on Monday would rank among the harshest of this decade due to a split of more than 100 kilometres between the Anatolian and Arabian plates.

The early morning earthquake in southeast Turkey, close to the Syrian border, caused more than 3,000 fatalities and thousands more injuries. Numerous aftershocks, including one that was nearly as strong as the initial quake, were immediately felt. The earthquake’s epicentre was close to the town of Gaziantep.

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The level of preparedness for dealing with tremors was lower in this area because there hadn’t been a significant earthquake in more than 200 years or any warning indicators.

But in the midst of all this carnage, a miracle happened. A video of a rescue team member carrying a baby who was delivered inside the wreckage was posted online.

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Social media reports claim that the video, which received hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of hours, was shot in Aleppo, Syria. Watch the video here:

Some observers made the statement that the new baby might represent a glimmer of optimism for things to get better despite the long struggle and the powerful earthquake. After giving birth inside one of the structures that the 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated, a man was spotted carrying a newborn child.

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The death toll has drastically increased since the first earthquake hit early on Monday morning. The World Health Organization estimates that this number might increase eightfold. Now, many international organizations are sending equipments, sniffer dogs, and specialized crews to assist in rescue operations.